Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cross Stitching and More!

I'm now convinced that between cross stitch and Halloween the universe is trying to suck money out of my pocket. Janlynn has this deal going now where if you pay for the postage for each kit, you can select these 12 kits and their yours. No having to pay for the kit and then the shipping. So I went looking and found one I've wanted forever. Well not forever but since I got back from the Islands. It's called Tropical Bell Pull. While it doesn't include the Tassel or the wooden bell pull I love the colors and the images.

Janlynn is an amazing company for their kits alone. They have another one I want. It's called Tropical Vacation Window. Of course I have allot of stuff to get through before I can really buy anything.

Then again I say that every time I buy something and then guess what, I buy more. I wonder if they have a 12 step rehab program for addicted cross stitchers. No? Oh well. At least it's not a harmful hobby. Unless they make me clean out my stash. Then I'm gonna go on a needle and scissor wielding rampage. I have allot of stuff in there I can't wait to sew and never have the time. I'll get around to all of it eventually.

I also got Spring Sampler from them. So then I've only got to get the Winter Sampler to complete the four seasons. I just cannot bring myself to do it. I have so much snow around here that sewing it makes my head hurt. I can't bring myself to buy it, no matter how pretty it is.

So, even though my Halloween decorations are still missing, we did well tonight. 68 trick or treaters. I hate when the teenagers get here. They have no costumes, don't say trick or treat (Which I won't give it to them until they do) give me nothing but attitude and then don't even say thank you. If you're 16 years old and don't like it, get a job and buy your own candy. Of course the night ended on a very strange note. The last person to come to the door was a 28-32 year old man, dressed as a polar bear and had two bags for candy. Yeah he could have been going out for his kids but there was no kids in sight. It was just this grown man in a polar bear costume. Weird.

Oh before I forget, I didn't realize that sold cross stitch kits. Some are overpriced and then reduced to make it look like a deal but I got one I actually have been eyeing for a while. It's from the Dimensions Gold Collection. It's called a Wreath For All Seasons. Isn't it beautiful? Dimensions Gold Collections are beautiful. I have several of them. Both the large and the petite but I haven't gotten around to finishing any of theme. Stating, sure. Finishing is the hard part. =P Maybe I have a thing for seasons? Who knows. But I did hear a rumor that since Wilton Cake Supplies bought the company they may shut down the Gold Line Collection. I can understand why to a certian degree. This particular one costs $40. I got it for around $25 and that was with shipping and a donation to this wounded solider fund but I bought at least one or two full price and they are not cheap. I got one as a gift and the rest off of eBay or clearance bins. I love them but can't afford them. Of course I have more on my wish lists at my cross stitching sites but hey, I can only do so much!

Speaking of them, did you know is selling coffins and Urns. Walmart seems to be getting the press for doing that but I saw the ones on Overstock before then. What is up with this? Granted I'm strange and morbid but this is just creepy, even for me. One of my friends told me I should get one and sleep in it since I'm such a Vampire freak. Weirdo.

Christmas is now only 55 days away. Can you believe it? I have almost everything taken care of. I know what I'm getting my mom and I got almost everyone else done. I'm trying to do most of my stuff online. I can't take the malls. At the moment, they are over run with stupid Twilighters and I swear if one more of them gives me a strange look because of my Fangtasia shirt I'm going to "Accidentally" bump them into the fountains. I live near a movie theater. Trust me the day New Moon comes out I am gonna hide in my house.


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