Sunday, January 24, 2010

Perforated Paper Project

I started to try the perforated paper project. It's The Spirit of Cross Stitch Angel by Brook's Books.
I started with the wings and have to remind myself not to pull too tight because if it rips, there's no fixing it. I started with the wings on Metallic Silver Paper. Sorry the quality is so crappy. I couldn't use a flash, it was completely washed out with light. There's suppose to be a little dog too but I'm not sewing it. It looks like a rat.I like it so far. I've got to do the other wing, the beads and the white on the outside but it's coming along nicely. I have to sew the body part on brown paper so maybe that will yield a better looking picture.

I also finished the wedding sampler I was working on and am very happy it's done. I'm not sure why but my brain hated working on it and it was giving me a head ache by the time I was done.

I'm making good progress on the snowman stocking. I'll post a picture of it on Friday. It's my main focus right now so I can get it done and move onto the others. I've got two to sew for my sisters room mates.

I've also got something new to watch while I sew. I picked up season 1 of House the other night! And the bonus, it was only $17! My friend Valyn sat and insisted for at least six months that I'd love House, I had to watch House and I kept putting it off. Then this Christmas my sister got the DVD's as a gift and we had a House marathon. So Valyn was right. I'm still trying to figure out what he wins for it.

Speaking of him, today is his birthday! So a very Happy Birthday to a very amazing person! Believe me, anyone who can stay friends with my ass for 7 years is someone special indeed.

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