Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekly WIP

I'm trying to make this more then a place to put finishes or my ramblings so I'm going to try and update weekly on my Works in Progress.

This is a stocking for my sister. (shhh don't tell her ^_~) It's from Cross Stitch Gold and I believe that it's their January issue but I'm not 100% on that.

Teresa Wentzler's "Tracery Dragons". I'm making good progress on it and I'm rather pleased. I usually only stitch on white or bright colors. Darkest I've ever sewn on before was a light brown. But I love the hand dyed fabric and keep pushing along with it. It's going to look beautiful when I'm done.

This one is close to being finished. I'm not a fan of the pattern so I've been struggling to finish it. As you can see by the date, I've got get it done soon. I'm pushing to get it done by the end of the day, especially since I have several other projects to get to. Hopefully the newlyweds like it.

So now I'm off to finish at least one of them so I can get to finishing the others. I've got a project coming up with perforated paper. I've never sewn on that material before so it should be an interesting experiment. I've also got another pair of the turtle booties to sew in blue. I've got them sitting right next to me but you know me, I love to start projects but finishing them is a whole 'nother deal. I told myself I can't start another new project until two or three of the projects in my basket are done. I'm trying to be disciplined. Really ^_~

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