Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dracula Book Done!

YES! YES! YES! I finally finished this book! YES!

Okay I really finished it like a week ago but I'm still happy it's done! It was only 245 pages but I've been reading it since MAY! I never take that long to read a book. Especially one that is that short! I read any Harry Potter book in 6 hours or less.

The reason for being so long? Well, I love history. That's no mystery. But this one is so full of information it made the book boring and it wasn't like it was all different history. It was the same history, reworded through out the book.

Did I lean anything? Hell yes. If there is something Florescu and McNally are good at it's giving you enough information on Vlad Tepes Dracula to gorge yourself stupid on. I learned allot, however, it couldn't have been more dry cut if they tried.

I read In Search for Dracula by both of the authors and McNally's Dracula Was a Woman and they are also dry and for whatever reason it comes back every time to oral sex. I refuse to buy that all vampire legend relates back to that. No. Sorry, DON'T buy that.

So what's next for me? Well right now I'm trying to finish up Queen of the Damned. (Yes, I know. I'm vampire obsessed.) And then I've found another one on Erezbet Bathory. And it's a HISTORICAL one this time! WHOOO HOOO! I cannot begin to stress how hard that is to find. Yeah, I know, I've got the holy grail of her history books but it never hurts to learn more.

I'm going to try to get a book on the Romanov Family. Apparently, one of my ancestors was the Czarina's body guard. Yeah, I know he did a sucky job but it's still freaking cool! I found one about their assasination. Of course I found one where the son used a time machine and came to the present. Seriously people? This is as bad as the The Blood Countess where her male ancestor kills his ex lovers daughter and Elizabeth Bathory takes over the mother who was in a mental institution. Horrible book!

Alright, I'm off to work some more on this Baby Express Kit. Can I just state it is TOO CUTE! My friend may not get it. Seriously, it's too cute to give up. =P

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