Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekly WIP

Okay, I'm behind this week. Cut me some slack, I'm sick. With what, I don't know. The kids gave me something fun though, let me tell you.

Anywho, I put Tracery Dragons and Snowman Stocking aside for right now. Working on two new ones. Why? Because I'm like that.First up is Alice by Lynne Nicoletti. It's done with DMC Floss and Krienik Metalics on Crystal Lugana Mercedes from Picture This Plus. I'm trying to get it done fast but doubt I'll get far. I keep finding I don't have the right colors. Six boxes of floss and not enough to do the design. Go figure. (just ignore the rings marks. I took it out to take the picture.)

This one is too stinking cute My friend is doing her nursery in trains so I found this and love sewing it. The black oval is my new Needle Minder. Can I just say that I love it? It's this little magnetic disc that I can attach to the fabric and it keeps my needle on that magnet. I got a hibiscus. (do I even need to say why I chose that flower?) The kit is called Baby Express and is from the Dimensions Company.

I'm going to keep working on it and should have to done quicker then I thought (Now watch, I've cursed myself and everything is going to go wrong. lol)

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