Sunday, November 8, 2009

Domestic Abuse

Okay I was going to bed and made the mistake of not collapsing the damn comments on the YouTube video on Rihanna's interview on 20/20. And now I'm all pissed off so here's a venting for me. I know this was suppose to only be on my crafts but I'm pissed and won't sleep if I don't get this out.

I am so damn fucking tired of people who say the following things:
1) She deserved it for any number of various reasons. She hit him, She wouldn't let it go, She didn't shut up, She just deserved it, She must have baited him. You get the idea.
2) He made a mistake, let it go.
3) This is just a publicity stunt to promote her new album.

Look, even if she did hit him, did she deserve what she got? No. I'm not saying it would have been okay for her to hit him, but to be punched, bit, choked twice, almost loose consciousness and have her nose broken is clear sign he had no control. She admitted she wouldn't let go he lied to her and he wouldn't let go that she didn't let it go and was backed into the wall. But come on, you wanna look at that damn photo of her and tell me what he did was fucking okay? Because she may or may not have provoked it? Please, shut the fuck up. I don't care what your theories are. Hitting someone is NEVER FUCKING OKAY.

Secondly, yes he's young and yes he made a mistake but this was a BIG mistake and he made it in the public eye. And that public eye got him off the fucking hook. If I ever beat a guy up like he did to her, my ass would be slammed in a cell and left there to rot. And this mistake wasn't getting a speeding ticket. He almost killed her and threatened to kill her. Not once, TWICE. I don't care if you're only 19. He fucked up MAJORLY and he doesn't seem to grasp the severity of his situation. He got a slap on the wrist and walked out of court smiling. Oh yeah, he gets it. He will get it when he does kill someone and his happy ass is on trial for murder. THEN he'll get it and even then he'll get a slap on the wrist. Look at fucking OJ and tell me that celebrity doesn't help you get off the hook.

And to the last point, maybe it is a damn publicity stunt but please tell me what in there would be AT ALL objectionable. She acknowledge that she backed him into a wall and that no matter what it wasn't okay. And she did more then most celebrities do. She acknowledge that she was a role model and that by going back to Chris Brown she was showing her younger fans that it was okay to go back to an abuse and she didn't want anyone to be hurt by that. Wow, a woman who sees that she's a role model in the public eye and does what's right. She is trying to speak out against domestic abuse and tried to show young girls that it's not okay by speaking out. Seriously, this woman is just causing trouble and clearly only interested in promoting her album. Fuck people, what do you want her to do? Sit there and say "Yes I provoked him to the point where this is okay"? Domestic abuse is never okay and she had courage to get out when she did and work through what happened and tried to come to some normality.

Can I also point out that HE went on a media campaign to repair his image? Larry King, CNN, MTV, etc. Saying that he was wrong and accepted it and that he saw his mother abused and swore he'd never do it and he was sorry but he didn't mean to do it. So his media campaign is okay but her doing two interviews is a publicity stunt? Now who's setting up the double standard. You say that if she was the one who beat him this bad it wouldn't be such a big deal but when he does TV shows for months, it's okay. She does two interviews after 8 months and CLEARLY that's publicity. No that's not a fucking double standard. It's okay for him but if she does it later then she has a scandalous motive. And then he has the gaul to come out when she does her interview and state that he respects her right to say what she wants, that this should be kept a private matter. Oh sure, when you give the interviews it's okay because it's image repair. She does it and clearly it should be kept private. Jesus you people are fucking idiots.

I've never been in an abusive relationship. I can't speak as to "I know how she feels. I know what she's deal with, I've been there." I haven't. I know how incredibly lucky for being able to say that. But I also know enough that no matter what she did, that it was OKAY for this kinda abuse to happen. Yeah we all have said "Well that person clearly deserved to be hit" but no one really deserves it. Especially to this degree. And yes, if she beat him up this badly, I'd say the same damn thing. It wouldn't be okay. But don't make fucking excuses for him because he's only 19 and has "his whole life and career ahead of him." It's not excusable behavior. EVER. FOR ANYONE. CELEBRITY OR NOT. How many more times can I say that before it sinks into everyone's fucking skull and you get that?

I hate people and I'm still going to bed angry. I'll talk to everyone later. I'm out


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