Thursday, November 5, 2009


Please understand that I am not attacking anyone or their beliefs. With that in mind, please don't call me uninformed or too naive to understand. I love politics and I make my decisions based on what I know and I learn, not based on someone's charm and appeal.

I have noticed allot of people are upset with the proposed health care bill and honestly, for the life of me, I do not understand why.

No, I do not agree with everything in the proposed bill. I do not agree with taxing small businesses, I don't think certain things should be covered, taking benefits from Medicare and Medicaid and some other things.

However, I believe that health care shouldn't be a privilege but a basic right to the American people. So many say we are the greatest nation but we don't cover our people. I have a friend who works two jobs and has four kids, one with diabetes, and they cannot afford health care for them or their children. So what if the bill isn't prefect? Why can't both sides try to make things work so we can get something fair passed to take care of our people, instead of yelling and pointing fingers and shouting that it's all a socialist threat? It's not like 1984 and the dictatorship in the book. It's a basic human right that needs to be met.

People are yelling about how it'll bankrupt social security and that our future generations will be in large debt. Financial advisers have shown over the long haul that it will be cheaper and we won't be in huge debt like originally thought. And Social Security is already going bust because the Baby Boomers are retiring. There isn't enough being paid into social security to compensate the money having to be paid out.

Please also keep in mind that in the world, we pay the THIRD LOWEST taxes. People are yelling about how they don't want to pay for other peoples health care, but we pay for other peoples children to go to school, take care of roads we never drive on and pay for other parts of the nation that we will never use or access. I know the economy is bad, I'm not saying it isn't, but by paying a little more we are showing compassion for our fellow Americans to be able to get proper health care. Nearly 47 MILLION people are without health care. Next year the number is projected to be 60 million. Why is it so hard to help them?

50%-61% of the American public want the public option. If you don't want the government's health care then don't take it but there are people out there that need it.

Do I think the economy needs to be fixed? Yes, but I also understand that it will take longer then a year to do so. I don't know if even five years is enough. It's going to be a long and slow recovery.

I'm done now. I'm walking away and not looking at this again. I'm tired of reading so much negativity towards something that I think will benefit America over the long run and I know that it will come here.

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