Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I decided to take the plunge and try a Heaven and Earth Design. I botched Frog Prince big time so I bought another one I've had my eye on and started it. It's coming along nicely. It takes a while to sew. They use full stitches and you can use a tent stitch (which I cannot do) or a full X. Since my supplies are limited around here, I had to buy 28 count instead of the 25 count they recommend. (I can't buy 25 count linen around here.)

So here's two days worth of work (About oh 8 hours or so) on Queens Croquet Ground by Scott Gustafson. I placed the picture next to it so you can see what it's suppose to look like when it's done. (Which given how many projects I have going should be done in about oh 20 years or so. lol) It looks allot nicer in person but isn't that how it always is with photos?

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